Erin Blankenship –  Interim Executive Director
Kaitlin Williams – Assistant to the Executive Director & Secretary to the Board of Directors

Collections, Exhibitions, and Programming

Clayton Richards – Museum Registrar
Miranda Brenner – Community Partnerships & Programs Manager
Susan Ballinger – Anne Frank Humanitarian Award Program Coordinator


Ursula Szczepinska – Director of Education and Research
Andrew Slifkin – Manager of Outreach Programs
Yara Lugo – Museum Educator
Charles Dickens – Resource and Tour Coordinator

Institutional Advancement

Sharon Boyes – Director of Strategic Advancement
Open Position – Donor Relations and Special Events Manager
Cathy Tysinger – Database Manager & Development Associate

PR and Marketing

David Meiers – Marketing and Communications Manager
Bret Henrikson – Video Producer


Ron Borsellino – Director of Operations
Garry Deatherage – Chief of Security and Assistant Director for Facilities
Aimee Alvarez Baruch – Desktop Support Technician and Graphic Designer
Brandon Rebmann – Manager of Visitor Experience
Kay-lynne Taylor – Visitor Services Manager


Monique Saunders – Director of Finance



Walter P. Loebenberg*

Board of Directors

Michael Igel, Esq. – Board Chair
Rachael S. Worthington, Esq. – Vice Chair Development
Renee Dabbs – Vice Chair Governance
Alexandra Band – Vice Chair External Affairs
Joshua Bomstein – Vice Chair Operations
David Alvarez, CPA, CVA, CGMA – Treasurer
Jonathan Stein – Secretary

Board Members

Irv Cohen
Stacy Sher Conroy
Jennifer Garbowicz
Donna Huneycutt
Cal Jackson
Traci Klein
Paul J. Martin, Jr.
Toni Rinde
Michelle Rook, MD
Thomas W. Smith, Ph.D.
Elliot Wiser
Tonjua Williams, Ph.D.

Advisory Committee

Nathaniel Doliner, Esq.
Amy Epstein – Founding Chair
Bruce Epstein, MD
Sandra Mermelstein
Lois Pardoll
Amanda Saft
Lisl Schick
Irene Weiss
Mary Wygodski
George Mavlios, CFP – Financial Advisor
Michael H. Robbins, Esq. – General Counsel


Leadership Council Members

Rachael Worthington, Co-Chair
David Baras, M.D.
Michael D. Bisk
Frantz G. Christensen
Benjamin Diamond
Tony DiBenedetto
Etta Donnell
Ruth Ehrreich
Carolyn Ellis, Ph.D.
Judy Genshaft, Ph. D., Honorary
Steve Gersten
Louis Goldfeder*
Gary Gould
Bryan Greenberg
William Greenberg, M.D.
Brenda Greenwald
Rochelle Gross
Adam L. Horn
William F. Jeffrey
Mary Johnson, Ph.D.
Randy Meg Kammer
The Hon. Nelly N. Khouzam
Edward Kissi, Ph.D.
Zena Lansky, M.D.
John J. Loftus
Mitchell Lowenstein, M.D.
Catherine McGarry
Nancy Paikoff
Aakash M. Patel
Joy G. Pollack
Alan Rash
Mary Anne Reilly
Brendon Rennert
Jack Ross
Marion Samson-Joseph*
Calvin B. Samuel
David Scher
Mark Segel
Debbie Sembler
Jeffrey Shear
Craig Sher
Todd Siegel
Gayle Sierens
Tom Stanton
Bonnie Stein
Robert Stein, M.D.
Linda S.Taggart, M.A.
Howard Tevlowitz
Dr. Mary Kay Vona
Mark Wright

*of blessed memory