The FHM’s IWitness Lesson: Non-Violent Resistance among Jews during the Holocaust

The Florida Holocaust Museum and USC Shoah Foundation have joined efforts to create digital classroom resources built around video testimony of local Holocaust Survivors on an educational platform called IWitness. IWitness is a free educational website offering audiovisual testimonies for use across the curriculum. Through our partnership, lessons are built based on video testimonies of Holocaust survivors who settled in Florida. This activity was created by The FHM’s Director of Education and Research, Ursula Szczepinska. It provides students with information about various forms of resistance (violent, non-violent) among Jews during the Holocaust, with the focus on non-violent forms. The activity features video testimony of Helen Fagin and Sam Schryver.

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To view the activity, sign in to IWitness here (open a free account, if you don’t have one)