Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue: The Art and Propaganda of Arthur Szyk

Polish-Jewish artist Arthur Szyk is best known for his illumination of the Haggadah, published in 1940.  A prolific artist, he created detailed paintings and drawings on numerous Jewish themes, Polish history and the ideals of the United States.  He also made illustrations against the Nazis and their collaborators while bringing attention to the plight of European Jews and the horrors that were perpetrated against them. Through June 31, 2021, The Florida Holocaust Museum will mount an exhibition of Szyk’s illustrations, illuminated books, and other works.  The exhibition will focus on his early artwork, created before World War II including his famous Haggadah, and illustrations and propaganda drawn and painted during World War II that ridiculed the Nazis. The exhibition will also feature works that speak out for justice and tolerance in the United States as well as works praising American ideals of liberty and justice.

Sponsored by: Jewish Federation of Florida’s Gulf Coast, The Gemunder Family Foundation, State of Florida, and Anonymous.