Resources for Holocaust Education Week

The Florida Holocaust Museum offers a plethora of resources to Florida teachers as they are planning their activities for Holocaust Education Week. All the resources are free to schools across the state. With any questions, contact our Education Department at


Holocaust Education Week 2023

Student Program: On November 10, 2022, The FHM presented CHUTZ-POW! SUPERHEROES OF THE HOLOCAUST, an educational program for students with special guest Marcel L. Walker, lead artist and Chutz-POW! Project Coordinator at The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh. A free recording of this program is now available to watch on-demand through The FHM’s ON24 educational suite! Click here to watch the student program on-demand. To view this in your classroom with your students, we recommend viewing the video in full-screen mode.

Watch Chutz-POW! Student Program

CHUTZ-POW! SUPERHEROES OF THE HOLOCAUST is an acclaimed and ongoing comic-book series created and published by The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh that seeks, as its mission, to place stories of UpStanders’ courage, resilience, and sacrifice at the forefront of Holocaust awareness. Each volume is an anthology by award-winning creative collaborators, telling true-life stories of heroic survivors who brought light into some of the darkest recesses of World War II.

Created for both general and scholastic audiences ages 12 and up, CHUTZ-POW! unravels the larger narrative of the Holocaust with thematic volumes that explore the documented micro-histories of its profiled subjects. With vivid, historically-accurate art and stirring fact-based writing, these are stories that defy the expectations of conventional superhero comic books.


About Marcel L. Walker: Marcel L. (M.L.) Walker is a Pittsburgh, PA-based freelance artist specializing in graphic prose (a.k.a. “comic books”), illustration, and graphic design. He’s an expert on social applications for the graphic-prose arts, with a mission of championing comic books as a force for social good. Marcel is the Lead Artist and Project Coordinator for CHUTZ-POW! SUPERHEROES OF THE HOLOCAUST, an ongoing educational series published by the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh. In addition, writes and draws graphic prose, and teaches workshops and classes on comic-books and the narrative arts. His clients have included The Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. In 2016, Marcel won two regional awards for his work: from The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Heinz Endowments he received an Advancing Black Art in Pittsburgh Award, and from The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council he was given an Artists Opportunity Grant. In 2017, he was voted Best Local Cartoonist by readers of the Pittsburgh City Paper. In 2018, he became a BMe Community Genius Fellow. He’s also a lifelong Superman aficionado, and in October 2023, he presented on the topic at the Superman’s Cleveland academic conference in Cleveland, Ohio.


Teacher Training: Teach About the Holocaust with Comic Book featuring Chutz-POW! Superheroes of the Holocaust – The FHM also hosted a teacher training webinar with Marcel L. Walker on October 25. Marcel’s presentation featured a history of comic books being used for social good, background on how the acclaimed series is created, and how you can use these comic books to teach about the Holocaust and Upstanders in your classroom. Click here to watch the teacher training on-demand. Teachers can download a certificate of completion after the viewing the program.

Watch Chutz-POW! Teacher Training



Special Programs

Throughout the year, The Florida Holocaust Museum hosts a variety of special live programs. Register for our free, on-demand student events below.

Overview: On November 10, 2022, The FHM presented My Mother’s Daughter, a virtual book reading and testimony event for teachers and students featuring Holocaust survivor and author Halina Herman. A free recording of this program is now available to watch on-demand through The FHM’s ON24 educational suite!

About the Speaker: Halina Herman (née Kramarz) was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1939. Her father was a physician and was sent away by the Germans to a slave-labor camp in April 1941. Halina never saw him again. Halina’s mother obtained false papers and got a job as a maid in Kraków. She placed Halina with a non-Jewish family who raised her as a Christian child. After the war, Halina was reunited with her mother and continued to go to church until the mother revealed their Jewish identity to her in 1949. They went to France as refugees, where they stayed until they were able to immigrate to Canada. Most of Halina’s immediate family died in the Holocaust.

Halina is a practicing clinical psychologist and lives in Florida with her husband, Edward Herman, who is also a Holocaust survivor. They both regularly share their testimonies with students and the public at The Florida Holocaust Museum.




Teacher Training

On-demand taped workshops: Many of our teacher trainings are taped and educators across the state can watch them at their convenience through our online library of workshop recordings. After watching each workshop or attending a live training, educators can receive a certificate of completion. Visit our Teacher Training page to learn more about our upcoming training opportunities and register for on-demand videos.

Curriculum Portal

Access primary-source based curriculums for your classroom on The FHM’s free Curriculum Portal. Guide your students through curriculums based on The Florida Holocaust Museum exhibitions, historical events, and primary sources. Educators can sign up for free access every school year on our website.

Virtual Library for Holocaust Education

Audiobooks and e-books from our Virtual Teaching Trunks can be checked out by teachers and students on their devices or accessed on a smartboard in the classroom at no cost. Sign up for free access on our website.

Teaching Trunks

Offered in both actual and virtual formats, the dynamic teaching trunk curriculum is designed to accommodate the needs of one class or a team of teachers. Traditional teaching trunks can be shipped to any school in Florida at no cost – for more information click here. The audiobooks and e-books from our Virtual teaching Trunk can be checked out by teachers and students on their devices or accessed on a smartboard in the classroom at no cost – for more information follow this link.

Across Generations: Conversations with Survivors and their Descendants

Educators can schedule a virtual meeting with a Holocaust Survivor, second-generation speaker (an adult child of a Survivor), or third generation speaker (an adult grandchild of a Survivor). To book a speaker, place a request online.

Museum Tours

Live or virtual tours of the Museum bring the historical and educational resources and the visual experience of the Museum’s permanent exhibition to students and educators across the state. The virtual tour can be accessed on The FHM’s website. You can also book a docent-led virtual tour at no cost.

Traveling Exhibitions

For teachers who are introducing Holocaust history to their students for the first time or for more advanced studies, the “Witness to History” exhibition features stories of Holocaust survivors who live in Florida. This exhibition is accompanied by a Teacher’s Guide and can be accessed online or brought to a school at no cost.