Generations After – A Group for Children and Adult Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors and Holocaust Refugees

We are the first generation after the darkness.  Through our parents’ memories, words, and silence we are linked to that annihilated Jewish existence whose echoes permeate our consciousness.

We dedicate this pledge to our parents who suffered and survived, to our grandparents who perished in the flames, to our vanished brothers and sisters, more than one million Jewish children, so brutally murdered.

To all six million Jews and five million non-Jews, whose unyielding spiritual and physical resistance, even in the camps and ghettos, exemplifies our people’s commitment to life.

We pledge to remember . . .

Welcome to “Generations After” at The Florida Holocaust Museum.  If you are a child or an adult grandchild of Holocaust Survivors or Holocaust Refugees, we welcome you to join us as part of Generations After.  We are called 2G’s for children of Survivors (Second Generation after the Holocaust), 3G’s for grandchildren (Third Generation after the Holocaust), and 4G’s for great grandchildren (Fourth Generation after the Holocaust).

Generations After Activities

The Generations After group:

  • Participates in events at The Florida Holocaust Museum
  • Speaks at The Florida Holocaust Museum as well as in schools throughout the Tampa Bay area, telling our parents’ stories as well as our own story of what it means to be part of a Holocaust Survivor’s family
  • Volunteers as docents at The Florida Holocaust Museum to help visitors and student groups never forget the important lessons of the Holocaust
  • Attends academic and cultural events in the community
  • Assists with school and public programs
  • Attends conferences and workshops
  • Engages in discussion through its Book Club
  • Leads dialogue sessions about the Holocaust
  • Enjoys monthly lunches (usually the first Friday of each month), social events and other activities.

As our parents/grandparents get older or are no longer available to tell their stories, it will be us, the generations after the Survivors, who will be the speakers of truth to the world.

Generations After Wants You

Belonging to Generations After is an opportunity to network with other sons and daughters (and grandchildren) of Survivors and Refugees.  Do you know anyone else who is a 2G or adult 3G or 4G?  Please tell them about us, and let us know about them.  To join our email list or to contact us, please email

In order to join Generations After, you only need to become a member of The Florida Holocaust Museum (please call the Museum at 727-820-0100).  There is no extra cost to be a member of Generations After.