Life Members

Life Members are an elite group of supporters that have made a significant investment in the The Florida Holocaust Museum. Please contact Erin Blankenship ( or 727.820.0100 ext. 271) for details and information.

The Florida Holocaust Museum acknowledges its Life Members for their generosity and support:

Jean and David Abelson

Jacqueline Albin

Helene S. and Allen P. Allweiss

Judith and Barry M. Alpert

Barbara J. and Martin A.* Arch

Mary Jo and David H. Baras

Carolyn and Dr. Edward* Bass

Joyce and Larry Beltz

Louisa and Dr. Mark Benjamin

Marilyn and Phillip* Benjamin

Blanca and Nick Benjacob

Joan* and Gerald* Benstock

Margot and Michael Benstock

Suzette and Monroe Berkman

Anita Treiser Bernstein and David S. Bernstein

Bert and Selime Boksen

Josh and Lindsay Bomstein

Nancy and Alan C. Bomstein

Janie and Martin H. Borell

Kathleen and Fred* Buns

Ida Raye and Marshall* Chernin

Dorothy Cohen*

Rosa* and Werner* C. Cohn

Sylvia Cohodas*

Dr. Patricia Cottrille* and Leonard* Azneer

Laura and Robert Davidson

Susan and Ronald Diner

Maureen and Norman Dobiesz

Nathaniel L. and Debra L. Doliner

Charles Ehrlich*

Dr. Robert J. Entel

Amy S. and Dr. Bruce A. Epstein

Sandy and Jay H. Epstein

Kiki and Steven Esrick

Jolene and Neil Fabricant

Dr. Marie L. Farr

Linda and Marvin Feldman

Veta* and R.I.* Felmus

Lillian Fluek Finkler and Steven Finkler

Elinor and Samuel E.* Fishman

Dr. Janet and Dr. Joseph Fishman

William Fleece

Ellen* and Arnold* Fogel

Suzanne and Allen K. Fox

Jo* and Robert* Franzblau

Donna and Thomas Gaffney

Rosemary and John W. Galbraith

Irene and Carl* Glassberg

Dr. Judy Genshaft and Steven Greenbaum

Audrey D. and Joe* Gerson

Adele* and Dr. Gordon Gilbert

Michele and Gordon Gilbert

Irene* and Carl L. Glassberg

Diane I. and Louis B.* Goldfeder

Dr. Roberta J. Golding

Robyn and Bryan Greenberg

Nancy and William Greenberg

Brenda and Harry R. Greenwald

Alyce and Sam* Gross

Melvin Gross*

Sheila* and Joel* Grossman

Charlotte Gunzburger*

Emily R. and Dr. Fred Gurtman

Barbara and Dr. Irvin Guterman

Helen Hameroff and Frantz G. Christensen

Joni J. and Michael Hatch

Deborah and Milton Heilweil

Valerie and Robert Herman

Harvey Hertz*

Irma and Harold J.* Hillman

Hazel C. and William R. Hough*

Alyce* and Ed Kalin

Gabriela and Robert Kantor

Jacqueline and Bernard Kanner

Joyce Hartmann Karpay*

Rhoda C. and Allen Katz

Wendy C. and Erwin* Katz

Helene and Mitchell Keller

Reva C. Kent*

Edward D. Klein

Mel Klinghoffer

Carole and George Kramer

Ellen and Dennis Laffer

Patty and Mark LaPrade

Lila F. Lawrence*

Blossom Leibowitz

Joan and Bruce Levine

Susan and Stanely I. Levy

Edith* and Walter P.* Loebenberg

David Loebenberg

Teresa and Michael Loebenberg

Kathy and Dr. Mitchell B. Lowenstein

Najla and Kamal Majeed

Leslie and Robert* Malkin

Mary Ann and Bruce Marger

Paul W. Martin, Jr.

Merrill S. and Steven A.* Marx

Graci and Dennis McGillicuddy

Sandra Mermelstein and Kent Bontley

Jill R. and Gary S.* Meltzer

Sonya H.* and Irwin H.* Miller

Sanford Milter*

Ralph and Ruth Ann Mizrahi

Meg and Dr. Gary G. Moskovitz

Nancy* and Raymond E.* Murray

Lyris J. and Eric M. Newman

Dr. Douchka H. Noren

Carol and Dr. Robert A. Norman

Bonnie Dikman and M. Pat* O’Connell

Louis Orloff

Fagl and Ronald* Oxman

Nancy and Ed Paikoff

Lois S. and Dr. Peter M. Pardoll

Paula Parrish and Don Shulman*

Suzette Peraza

Marc L. Perkins

Lee and Robert J.* Peterson

John Picciano

Adele Pinsker*

David Polen*

Rosa Polen

Joy and Loren M.* Pollack

Barbara and Martin Port

Naomi and Peter Rafaeli

Richard M. Rappaport

Sonia Raymund

Steve Raymund

Paula Rechnitz and Gary Russell*

Toni and Dr. John Rinde

Doris and Frank L. Rosenblatt

Jack Ross

Arlene Fillinger Rothman

Thelma P. Rothman*

Franci Golman* and Richard Rudolph

Amanda and Steve Saft

Diana L. Sager

Sharlene and Ronald* Sakol

Lily and Arthur* Salcman

Marion Samson-Joseph* and John Joseph*

Vivian and Calvin B. Samuel

Anne and Satish Sanan

Isabel* and Dr. Herbert Savel

Marty Schaffel

Sara and David Sher

Cindy G. and Kenneth B. Schick

Lisl and Dr. Alfred* Schick

Dr. Robert Schick

Karen and Keith Schilit

Betty Schoenbaum*

Sue and Jeffrey F. Schoenbaum

Harvey and Cherie Schonbrun

Gladys Schutz

Steve E. Schwersky

Sharron R. Scott

Debbie and Brent Sembler

Elizabeth and Gregory Sembler

Betty* and Ambassador Mel Sembler

Rose and William* Shapera

Craig and Jan Sher

The James and Amy Shimberg Charitable Trust

Andrea Graham and Geoffrey Simon

Harold T. Singer

Sandy and Dr. Michael Slomka

Kathy and Michael L. Sobel

Amy and Mike Southard

Frances L.* and Gus A. Stavros

Stephanie and Bernardo Stein

Bonnie M. and Ron M. Stein

Barbara G. and Joseph B. Sterensis

John E. Stross*

Sandra R. Stross

Debbie and Brian Taub

Phyllis and Paul Tauber

Joyce Tawil

Lisa and Gary Teblum

Michelle and Leonard Tucker

Maria* and Gregory* Waksman

Renée and Thomas Walter

Robin K. Warren

Susan K. and Dr. Stephen Weinstock

Betty* and Hy* Weintraub

Irene and Dr. Steven Weiss

Rebecca and Aaron Weitman

Anne Werly

Susan Heyman and Michael White

Naomi Wilzig*

Jean G.* and Ted* Wittner

Sharyn Wittner

Jane and Dr. Herbert E. Wollowick

Rachael S. and Donald Worthington

Tim F. Wuliger

Alexandra and Avi Wygodski

Dr. Charlene Wygodski and Dr. Steven Bloom

Mary and Morton* Wygodski

Christel and Mark S. Yaffe

Linda and Max* Zalkin

Xiaohong Sunny Zhong and Robert M. Cohen

*of blessed memory. List current as of 1/24/2022.