Faces of the Holocaust – Photodigitography by Mark Swartz

Faces of the Holocaust is an exhibition conceived in the hope of perpetuating awareness about the horrors of the Holocaust by means of photo-essays. Many of the photographs used in the exhibition have never before been on public desplay. To complement these images, other preciously published photographs have been included. The dates and locations of all of the images are correct to the best of the artist’s knowledge. It should be remembered that prior to liberation almost all photographs of the Holocaust prior were taken by the murderers themselves. These photographs gives us only a small idea of the bestial brutality and the immense scale of the slaughter and suffering.

Photodigitography, or photographic digital imaging, is a name coined by the artist in 1993 to describe a technology/art-form in which the artist transforms photographs using computer programs, many written by him, for image enhancement.

  • Exhibition includes 25 framed images and labels, docent guide
  • Exhibition ships in 3 crates
  • Requires approximately 150 linear feet
  • Loan fee – $2000 (plus freight)