We Share the Same Sky

We Share The Same Sky is an exhibition that tells the story of Holocaust survivor Hana Dubová and her granddaughter, Rachael Cerrotti, who spent more than a decade retracing her grandmother’s wartime history. In the exhibition, visitors meet people of the past and present who show us how the retelling of family history becomes history itself. It is told in Rachael’s voice and the included correspondence, photographs, and other media were documented by her or found in her grandmother’s archive. This exhibition aims to encourage all of us to be curious about where we come from and why it matters. Hana asks what her story means to the next generation and Rachael does her best to find out.


Based on guest curator Rachael Cerrotti’s award-winning podcast and book of the same title, We Share the Same Sky explores the history of Denmark’s rescue of its Jewish community to Sweden through the story of Hana Dubová. The exhibition follows Hana from her childhood in Czechoslovakia, to her escape to Denmark as part of a Zionist youth organization, her flight to Sweden, and ultimately her emigration to the United States. Juxtaposed with Hana’s story is her granddaughter Rachael’s journey to understand what Hana’s wartime experiences mean to her today.

The stories told in the exhibition are drawn from Hana’s extensive archive of photographs, diaries, correspondence, and documents inherited by Rachael. She added her own archive of similar materials gathered over her decade spent traveling throughout Europe and the U.S. to retrace Hana’s footsteps. Testimony, original site-specific footage, and Rachael’s photography add personal layers to the narrative and connect exhibition visitors to the places and people included. Themes explored in the exhibition include family histories, rescue, emigration, loss and grief, and intergenerational storytelling.

What is included: 46 fabric graphic panels, more than 50 objects of original materials such as photos, diaries, correspondence, artwork, fine art photography, and more; three interactives, two projections, video testimonies, and audio testimonies

Size: 1800 – 2200 square feet

Organized by: The Florida Holocaust Museum

Booking Period: 2-3 months

Availability: September 2024 – August 2027

Participation fee: $15,000 per month

Shipping: The FHM makes all arrangements, exhibitors pay shipping (one way)

Contact: Erin Blankenship, Deputy Director