The Holocaust by Bullets:
A Study Guide for Educators


A note for the study guide users: the online album “Broad Daylight” with its ONprint app referenced in the study guide is no longer available on Yahad – In Unum’s website. The album was the original source of testimony links in the study guide. The testimony links are now available via The FHM’s ON24 educational suite: There is no cost to access and use these testimony videos.

Based on 10 years of research and investigation by the French organization Yahad – In Unum and its founder, French Catholic priest Father Patrick Desbois, the exhibition Holocaust by Bullets: Yahad – In Unum, 10 Years of Investigation chronicles a lesser-known side of the Holocaust through eyewitness testimonies, photographs and maps.

In 2014, The Florida Holocaust Museum’s Director of Education & Research Ursula Szczepinska was invited by Yahad – In Unum to create a study guide to be used worldwide in conjunction with the exhibition. The result of this cooperation is a formal partnership between Yahad – In Unum and The Florida Holocaust Museum with programs and initiatives built around the missions of both organizations, such as enhancing awareness and understanding of this chapter of history, and retrieving individual identities of the victims.

The 155-page study guide for educators provides material to enable an in-depth study of the “Holocaust by Bullets” with sample questions and activities to engage a discussion about the issues surrounding genocides and the individual’s responsibility.

Known as the “Holocaust by Bullets,” the majority of the systematic killing of Jews and Roma took place after the 1941 invasion of the former Soviet Union and continued until 1944. The form of genocide detailed by Yahad – In Unum’s exhibition is unlike any other study of genocidal activity ever conducted and presented.

In the exhibition, Yahad – In Unum presents its painstaking 10 years of research in a succinct yet appropriate manner allowing the visitor to uncover, step-by-step, the crime committed against Jews and Roma by the Nazi killing units, their Axis supporters, and local collaborators in Eastern Europe.

Mass killings in places such as Cambodia, Darfur, the Balkans and Syria are modeled after what Father Desbois calls the archetype of these horrors – those village-by-village, on site massacres – perpetrated by the Nazis and their collaborators.

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