Fred Wysocki

Gender: Male Camps: -
Date of Birth: - Collection ID: -
Location(s): United States, Ebensee

After graduating from high school, Fred Wysocki worked in a chemical plant for four months before being drafted in March 1943.  Major battles he was involved in included Normandy and Battle of the Bulge.

Wysocki was involved in the liberation of Ebensee Concentration Camp in May 1945.  Prisoners there included political prisoners, Poles, Jews and Russian POWs.  One survivor, M. Kaicirlkiak, painted a portrait of Wysocki which he still has to this day.  After liberation Wysocki helped survivors by getting them food and medical attention, policing and keeping order.

Fred Wysocki recounts being taken as a POW of the German Army.

Fred Wysocki remembers liberation.

Fred Wysocki tells about feeding former camp prisoners.

Fred Wysocki tells about liberation.