Holocaust Survivor Series: Jackie Albin

IMG_6927  Kristen Wright, The Florida Holocaust Museum’s Writer and Digital Content Manager

Jackie Albin shared her Holocaust Survivor story with students and Museum visitors this week at The Florida Holocaust Museum. The FHM welcomes 10,000 students each year to tour the Museum and talk with a Survivor. 

Jackie was born in France in 1937 and spent much of her childhood hiding out or concealing that she and her family were Jews living under Nazi occupation.

She was 2 years old when Germany invaded France and her family was separated in occupied and unoccupied territory. Her father was drafted and she saw him only once over three years. A local man helped Albin’s mother sneak across the border to reunite with her husband. Then for three years, Albin and her parents lived on the run.

Although she was only 7 years old during this time, she still vividly recalls hiding in bushes, and being in a house one night during a bombing raid and coming out the next morning to find a hole where the house next door used to be.

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