The Florida Holocaust Museum Responds to Whoopi Goldberg’s Remarks

There is a need to acknowledge historical facts and take action as upstanders to prevent this kind of Holocaust distortion


February 1, 2022 [St. Petersburg, FL] — The Florida Holocaust Museum Board Chair, Michael Igel released a statement earlier this afternoon regarding Whoopi Goldberg’s remarks basing antisemitism on religious beliefs.

“While I am heartened that Whoopi Goldberg apologized for her remarks, I remain incredibly concerned that her apology may be more of a PR strategy and not a true understanding of why her statements merit an apology and education.
The most frustrating part is her continued insistence, repeated last night on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” following her Twitter apology, that the Holocaust was a white-on-white issue. This kind of thinking is historically inaccurate. Moreover, it is dangerous. Nazi antisemitism was not based on religious beliefs. Six million Jews were murdered because the Nazis considered the Jewish people a non-European race.

This morning, on The View, Ms. Goldberg finally made progress, acknowledging that the Nazis considered Jews to be an inferior race. However, this needs to be the mere start of her educational and empathic journey. As she learns, she will better understand the danger and pain her comments cause.

We all need to acknowledge historical facts and take further action as upstanders to prevent Holocaust distortion. But there is one positive here. We are finally having this conversation on a national level, and my hope is the discourse will lead to a far greater understanding of the horrible atrocities the Jewish people have endured. Antisemitism is surging, and education is our weapon to fight it.”