Be the One to Lead: One of the biggest challenges facing Holocaust Museums worldwide is the aging and passing of eyewitnesses to the atrocities. Preserving their stories to share in meaningful ways that will connect and resonate with future generations is at the forefront of Holocaust Education. The Florida Holocaust Museum has always been a leader in this arena. For 30 years our educational philosophy has been to teach about the Holocaust, worldwide genocides, and human rights issues through individual stories and objects. Our goal is to connect one person to one person emphasizing the similarities rather than focusing on the differences and to use the lessons of the Holocaust to inspire a new generation of upstanders who stand up and speak out about injustice and hatred. Your gift will immediately be put to use to provide a variety of resources for teachers, students, and the public that are designed to create a better future for all.

Be the One to Educate: Holocaust education has never been more important. Holocaust denial and distortion are rising at alarming rates, as are antisemitic incidents. On May 27, 2021, The Florida Holocaust Museum was targeted by antisemitic vandals who painted swastikas upon its walls with the words, “The Jews are guilty.” Antisemitism and other forms of hatred are diseases that seem incurable. The root cause is ignorance. Good news, we have a cure for that: education. Education is the best tool we have to combat antisemitism and hate. Your gift will help provide FREE quality resources that educators have come to depend on to fulfill the Florida Holocaust education mandate.

Be the One to Change the World: Beyond the dollars raised, we want to use the Giving Challenge to celebrate the spirit of generosity and to recognize ALL the good in the world. Join The Florida Holocaust Museum and #UniteAgainstHate by being a #FloridaUpstander. If you or someone you know is a #FloridaUpstander, please post about it, tag #TheFHM, and share these stories with our communities!

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MISSION STATEMENT: The Florida Holocaust Museum honors the memory of millions of innocent men, women and children who suffered or died in the Holocaust. The Museum is dedicated to teaching the members of all races and cultures the inherent worth and dignity of human life in order to prevent future genocides.

VISION STATEMENT: The Florida Holocaust Museum is a leader in developing and delivering unique strategies empowering people to make positive change in the world.