Fragments: Portraits of Survivors

The photographs are just a moment – a fragment of a life shattered by visions too graphic to imagine. Over 60 years have passed, and now Jason Schwartz, freelance photographer from Toronto, Canada, has captured the expressions of memories of Holocaust Survivors. A sliver of time encapsulated in a photograph, and a short, personal handwritten statement of triumph accompany each. “I survived… I beat Hitler” is just one of the testimonies that speak of the indomitable human spirit.

The exhibition includes 115 photographs of Survivors. The stark black and white images are reflections of time and history. Each 16 x 20 study contains a carefully worded and handwritten statement by the Survivor and captures the essence of an individual whose life was ultimately changed by WWII. The value of this precious collection is obvious. Statistics have documented the number diminish daily as a result of the frailty and age of these witnesses.

Availability: To be negotiated

 Exhibition includes:

  • 115 – 23″ x 27″ framed portraits
  • 115 didactic labels with bios of each survivor
  • 3 maps

 Crates: 4

 Space requirements: approximately 350 linear feet

 Exhibition has been shown at:

  • Congregation Rodeph Shalon, Tampa, FL
  • Leepa Rattner Museum of Art, Tarpon Springs, FL