On the Edge of the Abyss – Drawings by Ella Libermann-Shiber

Ella Libermann-Shiber was liberated from Nazi captivity in May of 1945 near Hamburg, Germany. On the Edge of the Abyss features her ninety-three drawings, which is part of her post-war response to the Holocaust experience, done after liberation and during a period in which she said that nothing interested except the urge to draw and to document. She records these images in reaction to the aftermath of trauma. Liike others in the post-war tradition, she drew in order to look at her past, to reflect, or perhaps, in a visual catharsis, to rid herself of the memories. Looking at the drawings in this exhibition, viewers will see how the survivor-artist removes herself from the action and becomes an observer of it.

These photographic reproductions of the sketches that are in the archive of The Ghetto Fighters House Museum in Israel represent a nightmarish memory. Many will find the images disturbing. And though we may wish to ignore or protect ourselves by turning away, it may help to consider this; As traumatic as the experiences were, revisiting them in a visual medium was not harmful to Libermann-Shiber, but rather is testament to her courage and strength.

Exhibitions Includes:

  • 93 framed reproductions of the sketches
  • 93 didactic labels
  • 2 framed photographs of the artist
  • 4 maps
  • Docent guide
  • Teacher guide
  • Exhibition ships in 3 crates
  • Requires approximately 275 linear feet

Loan fee – $2750 (plus freight)