We Share the Same Sky


The Retelling of Family History Becomes the History Itself

BY POPULAR DEMAND! Now on Display Through July 1st, 2024

*Based on the award-winning podcast and book of the same title
On view September 30, 2023 – May 5, 2024 (extended through July 1, 2024)

We Share The Same Sky is an exhibition that tells the story of Holocaust survivor Hana Dubová and her granddaughter, Rachael Cerrotti, who spent more than a decade retracing her grandmother’s wartime history. You will meet people of the past and present who show us how the retelling of family history becomes history itself. The exhibition is told in Rachael’s voice and the included correspondence, photographs, and other media were documented by her or found in her grandmother’s archive. This exhibition aims to encourage all of us to be curious about where we come from and why it matters. Hana asks what her story means to the next generation and Rachael does her best to find out.


You can learn more about We Share The Same Sky by: listening to the podcast, reading the book, and visiting the website. For educators, you can find resources here: We Share The Same Sky in the classroom.

Listen to the “We Share The Same Sky” podcast by clicking the link below: