Mickey Quittner

Gender: Male Camps: -
Date of Birth: August 2, 1924 Collection ID: 2005.001.143
Location(s): Hungary, Budapest

Mickey (Miklos) Quittner is the youngest of three children from a conservative Jewish family.  The family lived in Budapest, Hungary, where Mickey attended a textile engineering college.

Mickey lived in Jolsva labor camp for one year under Nazi occupation.  There he was mistaken for a medical student and so he was sent to Salgotarjan labor camp to work as a medic.  He then moved to Bakanysarkany, a camp for doctors and dentists where 185 inmates were executed.  He is one of 17 survivors from that camp.  Finally he was sent to a labor camp in Budapest.

Mickey escaped a roundup for transport to Auschwitz by rolling under a boxcar and hiding in a water-filled ditch.  The then returned to Budapest and was able to survive with false identification.

Mickey was liberated on January 16, 1945 by the Russian Army.  He survived with his mother and one sister.

After the war, he lived in a displaced persons camp and married his wife, Magda.  They lived in the camp for three and a half years.  The couple and their young child emigrated to the United States in November, 1949.

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