Salomon Wainberg

Gender: Male Camps: -
Date of Birth: 1936 Collection ID: -
Location(s): Zelochow, Poland

Salomon Wainberg was born in Zelechow, Poland.  He grew up with two sisters and one brother.

From 1940 to 1942, he and his family were forced to live in the Zelechow Ghetto.  When the ghetto was being liquidated, Salomon was hidden in an attic with thirty-nine relatives for sixteen days.  Then he hid in a cellar in Wilcyiska for two years with 32 others, including his immediate family, aunts and uncles and another family.  In the two months before he was liberated in 1944, he hid in rye and wheat fields.

One of Salomon’s sisters was killed while trying to run away while in hiding.  His other sisters, brother and himself were the only three surviving children among a population of 15,000 Jews from the Zelechow Ghetto.

After liberation he lived in Lodz until 1946.  He then fled to France and lived in an orphanage and was educated in a Yeshiva.  In 1959 he emigrated to Miami.  In 1965, he married.  He had two children and three grandchildren.  Salomon passed away in 2012.

Salomon Wainberg discusses life in hiding during the Holocaust.