Post Your Museum Photos Using #TheFHM!

IMG_6927 Kristen Wright, The Florida Holocaust Museum’s Writer and Digital Content Manager

The Florida Holocaust Museum is thrilled to announce that visitors are now permitted to take photographs inside of the Museum! (Please note: There is absolutely no flash photography allowed at any time. This will help us preserve our artifacts by cutting back on light exposure which can cause permanent damage.) With this change, we highly encourage visitors to post their photos online using hashtag #TheFHM and tag @ The Florida Holocaust Museum when posting your photographs on all social media channels. 
If you do not already follow The Florida Holocaust Museum on our social media platforms, please do so today! You will find The FHM on all of the major social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please follow along with us as we continue to expand our social media presence. To follow The FHM on social media, please visit the following links and give us a “Like” and/or a “Follow”:  

We encourage you to post about your Museum experience on our various social media platforms! Remember to always use the hashtag #TheFHM when posting about the Museum online. This is a wonderful way for new visitors to learn about The FHM and plan for their visit.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing your wonderful photos!