Florida Holocaust Museum Commemorates Rescue of Danish Jews

[St. Petersburg, FL – 20 September 2023] In late 1943, nearly the entire Jewish population of Nazi-occupied Denmark was evacuated on fishing boats to neutral Sweden, saving more than 7,000 lives. On Sunday, October 1, The Florida Holocaust Museum will commemorate that rescue alongside one of the boats, Thor, used in the operation.

The public event will begin at 2:00pm with a performance by The Florida Orchestra, and will include an address from Margot Benstock and Irene Weiss, whose families were saved in the rescue and who worked with the Museum to bring the boat to St. Petersburg.

The Danish and Swedish Consuls will also speak about their respective countries’ role in the rescue, and attendees will see videos documenting the history and acquisition of Thor as well as Voices in the Void, a short documentary about the Melchior family’s escape from Denmark.

Thor, which the Museum acquired in late 2022, will be permanently installed at the Museum in 2024, and renderings of the upcoming display will be available to attendees.

“Although we’re commemorating historical heroism, this event really symbolizes hope,” said Florida Holocaust Museum CEO, Carl Goodman. “From the stormy North Sea to sunny Florida, Thor’s journey shows us all what’s possible when we defend others and stand up for what’s right.”

Local poet and photographer Denzel Johnson-Green will present a poem about Thor, and the event will conclude with an interfaith benediction.

For more information and to RSVP, please visit https://www.thefhm.org/event/80th-anniversary-of-the-danish-rescue-commemoration-and-dedication-of-rescue-boat-thor/.


About The Florida Holocaust Museum

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