Statement on the Attack on Israel

Oct. 09, 2023— This is what genocide looks like: innocent Jewish people hunted, kidnapped, killed in their homes, at parties, and in the street. Hamas isn’t targeting Israelis, it’s targeting Jews – but this is by no means a Jewish issue.

As an American, what would you have done during the Holocaust? Would you have stayed silent as Jews were targeted for extermination? Would you have rationalized your silence by saying it was none of your business? Would you have justified the violence in the belief that there were two sides to the story?

We can’t know what we would’ve done 80 years ago, but we know what we have to do now. Faced with the systematic murder of Jews, we say, Never Again.

The Holocaust taught us what happens when the world is silent as Jews are targeted for annihilation. It also taught us what happens when individuals take positive action. Today, The Florida Holocaust Museum is speaking out for everyone who needs us, standing on the shoulders of everyone who was silenced during the Holocaust. Our mission to honor their memories demands nothing less.

Make today the day you commit to be an Upstander. The price of apathy is too high.

Michael Igel
Chairman of the Board
The Florida Holocaust Museum
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Carl Goodman
President & CEO
The Florida Holocaust Museum
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