The FHM Responds to Antisemitic Flyers Passed Around The Hyde Park Area

June 7, 2022 [St. Petersburg, FL] –Tampa Jewish community leaders warned constituents of antisemitic actions that took place over the weekend. According to a message sent out by the Board and Management of the Tampa Jewish Community Centers and Federation, anti-semitic flyers were handed out in the Hyde Park area.  The FHM released a statement in response to these events.


“Instead of mail, Hyde Park residents had hatred delivered to their doors by an antisemitic white supremacist group over the weekend. These flyers are shocking, but their false assertions of Jewish control and conspiracy – in this case alleging that both Disney and the US Covid response are part of a Jewish “agenda” – typify an ancient antisemitism that has led to the persecution and death of Jews for millenia. Such tropes should have no place in Tampa or anywhere else.

Similarly repugnant flyers have been distributed by the same hate group in cities across Florida and the country. While we hope neighborhood residents will see through the offensive allegations, another community feels less safe today.
It is our collective responsibility to publicly repudiate these conspiracy theories and the hateful ideology behind them. We cannot afford to stand silent as Jews are targeted in yet another incident, the latest in a wave of antisemitism. Everyone who speaks out makes our community kinder, safer, and more welcoming – as it should be for every religious or ethnic group. Together, our love must be louder.”
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