Reflections of a Survivor – Artwork by Michael Smuss

Michael Smuss, formally untrained as an artist, brings us a compelling collection of work, which expresses the anguish and frustration known by survivors of the Holocaust. The paintings delve deeply into the artist’s experience and memory.

Born in Danzig, Poland, Michael moved his family to Lodz, Poland, in 1938. His work reflects his fond memories of those with whom he lived and faced death there.

In the Warsaw Ghetto, he joined the underground as a courier and weapons smuggler. He is one of a handful of those who survived the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and is a testament to the tenacity of life and strength of spirit. Michael Smuss is defined neither by his victimhood nor his persecution. His work shows what is forever ingrained in his heart, and the freedom of his soul.


  •  Exhibition includes 38 paintings with accompanying didactics
  • Number of pieces may vary by institution
  • Loan fee – $1000 (plus freight)

This exhibition has been exhibited at institutions such as:

  • Holocaust Museum & Resource Center of Central Florida, Maitland, FL
  • Shorecrest Preparatory School, St. Petersburg, FL
  • Holocaust Resource Center, St. Louis