The Holocaust Through Czech Children’s Eyes

This exhibition is a collection of the best work of art from children’s art competitions of the Terezin Memorial’s Education Department in the Czech Republic. Its title points to the fact that these paintings are really special because the artists are young, 11-17 years old. As you view the particular paintings you find that despite their youth they know exactly how to choose the subject to depict accurately the theme of the Holocaust, what color to use to express certain atmosphere and mood, and how to make the artwork more interesting. Although they are young, they try to look at the Holocaust events without averting their eyes.

The paintings of The Holocaust Through Czech Children’s Eyes follow a line, and this line is like a narration to a very sad story. The story of lost childhood, lost toys, lost mothers and fathers, lost families, lost freedom, almost all of the tragedies are described here. Despite all the terror, one can visualize a small glimmer of hope hidden in the pictures, hope actually being the theme of the last painting.

  • Exhibition includes 26 framed works with didactic labels
  • Requires approximately 150 linear feet
  • Loan fee – $1000 (plus freight)

This exhibition has been shown at institutions such as:

  • Edison College
  • The Brogan Museum, Tallahassee, FL
  • Holocaust Museum & Resource Center of Central Florida, Maitland