Board Chair of The Florida Holocaust Museum Responds to Neo-Nazi Demonstration Outside Disney World’s Entrance

May 10, 2022 [St. Petersburg, FL] — Chair of the Florida Commissioner’s Task Force on Holocaust Education and Board Chair of The Florida Holocaust Museum Michael Igel released a statement in response to the Neo-Nazi demonstration outside Disney World’s entrance last weekend.
“It’s a sad day for humanity when even Disney World – the “happiest place on earth” – is not immune to blatant antisemitism.  The Florida Holocaust Museum strongly condemns those who waved Nazi flags in front of families and children entering Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  Displays of Nazi imagery are repugnant, and this demonstration was clearly meant to offend and provoke. No family should be confronted with threatening symbols of hate, least of all on vacation. 
But this act of malice provides our community with an opportunity to come together and speak with one voice in opposition to those who support Nazis and their poisonous ideology.  
The Florida Holocaust Museum’s mission focuses on creating upstanders who will not remain silent against injustice. In the face of acts like these, those who have the capacity to speak out have the responsibility to do so. Every time we unite to condemn antisemitism, we lift up its intended victims while continuing to make clear that hatred has no home at Disney World, in the State of Florida, or anywhere else.”

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