Taking a Stand Against Campus Antisemitism

As protestors on college campuses scream “October 7th will be every day for you” and “Go back to Poland’‘ at Jewish students, it’s time to act decisively to keep Jews safe.

The Florida Holocaust Museum was heartened to see the University of Florida firmly enforce its own codes of conduct, and applauds the University of South Florida for sending a strong message that it will follow suit.

We call on all colleges and universities to do the same. Your students and faculty are in danger. Your decision should not be difficult.

Antisemitism has become a prominent feature, rather than a bug, of anti-Israel protests, some of which include professors. Demonstrators have targeted Jewish students with violence, intimidation, and harassment, even blocking their way into their own campuses. A leader of Columbia’s encampment equated Zionists (people, like more than 80% of Jews, who believe in statehood for the Jewish people in Israel) with Nazis and white supremacists, saying he feels comfortable calling for their deaths.

These protests also continue to prominently feature the offensive and incorrect notion that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza, while some protestors advocate for actual genocide – 10,000 more October 7th attacks – against Israel.

Jewish families have noticed. Since October 7, 64% of Jewish parents say that campus antisemitism has eliminated colleges their high schoolers would have otherwise considered attending.

We appreciate USF Hillel for supporting its community and offering a safe harbor amid this concerning environment. It is disturbing that creating such a refuge has become necessary.

The Holocaust taught us that capitulation in the face of antisemitic mobs only leads to more antisemitism. We’ve seen what happens where there is silence, and we’ve seen what happens when the world takes action. In the name of Holocaust victims, survivors, and their descendants, we must show the world that antisemitism will never again be met with silence. We will not stand idly by, and we call on everyone to join us.