Statement of Solidarity: Seattle’s Holocaust Center for Humanity

The Florida Holocaust Museum proudly joins our colleagues across the country in support of Seattle’s Holocaust Center for Humanity. Please read our statement of solidarity below. Education and action are critical and we invite everyone to visit The FHM and access our online resources to learn more about the lessons of the Holocaust and how they can compel all of us to take action in the fight against contemporary antisemitism.

Holocaust museums are no strangers to acts of antisemitism. We teach how those acts, celebrated and reinforced at all levels of Nazi society, led to the murder of approximately six million Jews.

The senseless scapegoating of Jews did not begin or end with the Holocaust. It’s been happening for thousands of years, and while the pretext may change, the antisemitic motivation is the same.

Last week saw another example of scapegoating, this time in the form of vandalism against Seattle’s Holocaust Center for Humanity, where a photo of a child Holocaust Survivor was defaced with the phrase “Genocide in Gaza.” As leaders of many of America’s Holocaust museums, we strongly condemn this crime – and we also recognize it as an opportunity to educate.

Holding Jews – much less a Holocaust museum – responsible for the wartime actions of a foreign government is unacceptable and straightforwardly antisemitic.

Hate crimes against American Jews have tripled since Hamas’ unprovoked terrorist attack against Israeli civilians on October 7th, 2023, with many of those crimes motivated by inaccurate allegations of genocide against Israel. Our mission to guard the memory of Holocaust Survivors and victims requires clarity on what does and does not constitute genocide, especially where misconceptions lead to hateful acts of antisemitism.

Education is the only way to break this cycle. Let’s commit to working together toward a more peaceful and accepting world.

Schedule a visit to your local Holocaust museum today and empower your community to stand as allies in the fight against antisemitism!

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